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Changed primary domain - postmaster still goes to old domain - 03:52pm Nov 28, 2017 CDT - Aha! I found it. It was a content filter rule.

Changed primary domain - postmaster still goes to old domain - 03:52pm Nov 28, 2017 CDT - Our office has changed our primary domain over to O-365. I have changed MDaemon to use another domain as the primary and I've removed all accounts and lists from the old domain. Everything is working fine, except one thing: When email gets sent to "postmaster" at the new domain (whether internally generated or incoming from outside), the email is delivered to the postmaster at the old domain (which goes to an O-365 account.) I've been through every GUI menu and looked through the MDaemon.INI file and can't find any references to the old domain name...

Keep a copy of incoming SMTP - 02:32pm Sep 6, 2017 CDT - Now I realize how I was mis-interpreting the nomenclature that led me to think that archiving wasn't working. When I was looking to archive an incoming SMTP email, I turned on incoming archiving and nothing happened, but when I turned on outgoing archiving, it started showing up. I was thinking about the SMTP email transaction being incoming to MDaemon or outgoing from MDaemon, but the way that MDaemon is treating it, it apparently only depends on whether the TO address is a local account (that's incoming) or whether the FROM address is a local account (that's outgoing.) It doesn't seem to matter if the message originates in an incoming SMTP session or an outgoing SMTP session...

Keep a copy of incoming SMTP - 10:54am Sep 6, 2017 CDT - Thanks, I'll give it a try.

Keep a copy of incoming SMTP - 04:29pm Sep 5, 2017 CDT - On further testing, I found that I can archive the Outgoing messages and those do show up in the archiving folder. I don't know why it wouldn't archive when I selected Incoming. So I'm OK with what I need to accomplish, although if there is still a way to have each sender's messages saved under their Sent Items, that would be preferable.


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