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[announce] Alt-N Technologies Announces MDaemon 6.0

Alt-N Technologies Announces MDaemon 6.0
Monday, July 01, 2002

Alt-N Technologies today is announcing the release of MDaemon 6.0 With features like secure and accountable instant messaging, group calendaring, meeting scheduling, and countless others, MDaemon 6.0 will increase productivity and open up a host of collaboration possibilities.

“We have worked very hard for several months, listening to thousands of customer requests and reacting to their needs. MDaemon 6.0 is the direct result of that. I am truly proud of what our team has accomplished,” says Arvel Hathcock, CEO of Alt-N Technologies, Ltd. “With the release of this product, along with RelayFax 5.0 and MDaemon AntiVirus 1.0, we are enormously excited.”

To see what MDaemon 6.0 can do for you, visit http://www.altn.com.

Here is what some of our test sites, which have been running MDaemon 6.0 for a while, are saying:

“We are giving serious consideration towards using MDaemon 6.0 as a full replacement for our Microsoft Exchange Server. Heaven knows, MDaemon is certainly a more stable and administration-friendly mail server.”

David Hayes
I/S Manager
Hartness International

“The stability, features, and configurability of MDaemon have allowed us to have the features we need from our E-Mail at an affordable price. Coupled with the content filter and Anti-Virus plugin, the server is very secure.”

Mike VanderVeer
Computer Systems Administrator
MVP Communications, Inc.
Madison Heights, Michigan USA

“We have installed it on some super-yachts, connected to Internet via satellite connection. This is a very important kind of installation, without any possibility to go onboard to fix the problems if they happen (they are all over the world). We had no problem at all.”

Marco Lanata
Managing Directo
Virtual Duferco Group, Italy

Question: What will the price points be for MDaemon Standard 6.0?

6 users
12 users
25 users
50 users

Question: What will the price points be for MDaemon PRO 6.0?

6 users
12 users
25 users
50 users
100 users
250 users
500 users
1000 users

Question: Will this product be available from my local Alt-N authorized distributor/reseller?
Answer: Absolutely! Alt-N will make this product available to all of our distributors and resellers.

Question: Am I eligible to receive this upgrade for free?
Answer: Yes, if you have a valid upgrade protection policy in place on July 1, 2002, you will receive MDaemon 6.0 FOR FREE!

Question: My upgrade protection policy has expired. What will my purchase price be?
Answer: If you are an existing customer, but have let your upgrade protection policy expire, your cost to upgrade will be 50% of the price points listed above.

Question: Will my Deerfield-Kaspersky AntiVirus solution work with MDaemon 6.0?
Answer: Yes.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact mollie@altn.com. Thanks!

Some of MDaemon's new capabilities will absolutely redefine what it means to be a messaging software product in our market segment. MDaemon 6.0 extends the Alt-N messaging platform beyond the reach of any of our competitors today by incorporating the following:

  • Secure and accountable Instant Messaging - a first for products in our price category.
  • The integration of calendaring, meeting scheduling, iCalendar support, and shared private (and public) IMAP folders will allow businesses to take advantage of groupware capabilities previously unattainable in software of our price category.
  • MDaemon 6.0 includes client-based 2-way address book synchronization with Outlook, Outlook Express, and the Windows Address Book. This is break-through technology on any scale - a true global public and private address book capability.
  • WorldClient Pro now runs as either a stand-alone web application or as an extension of Microsoft's Internet Information Server which allows it to access the power of IIS/SSL and all the performance benefits that platform has to offer.
  • WorldClient Pro's new 'LookOut' theme turns your web browser into an Outlook Express platform. It becomes difficult to tell the difference!
These are just a few of the exciting possibilities with MDaemon 6.0. For a complete list, see below.

To view a full listing of features for MDaemon 6.0, click here

To view a feature comparision chart for MDaemon 6.0, click here

To view screen shots of MDaemon 6.0, click here

To join Alt-N Technologies' Beta Community, click here

To download a copy of MDaemon 6.0 Beta, click here

For more information on us or email and fax server products, please visit www.altn.com

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