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Unable to Edit Contacts

[Leischow, Paul]
Paul Leischow
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Paul Leischow - 02:54pm, Apr 15 2020

Hello. I used the ASMC program to migrate contacts from a mail server into MDaemon. I can see the Contacts in WorldClient but if i try and edit them, the edit window shows everything empty. If I try and delete the Contact it flashes red but the Contact remains. I am also unable to move or copy the Contact into a different folder.

The only workaround I have come up with is to export the Contacts out of WorldClient, manually delete the Contacts.IMAP folder off the Server (this folder reappears by itself) and then import the Contacts back into WorldClient. Now I can edit/copy/move/etc and everything works fine.

Is there a fix so I do not have to do this for every mailbox on the Server?

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Tyler Davis - Apr 16, 2020 9:08 am (#1 Total: 1)  

Alt-N Technical Support  

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Tyler Davis
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Outlook Connector
The issue is occurring on personal contact lists for all users or only this account? Are user created contact lists OK or is the same occurring? Is the issue only happening in a particular Webmail theme or any/all themes?

I've not heard of this occurring using the ASMC and there isn't an option to modify how the migration client sync contacts. Perhaps there is an invalid entry/header added to the contact list. If you want to create a support request using the link in my signature and submit the AddrBook.mrk file in the user's Contacts.IMAP folder on the server, we can at least review the migrated contact list If you've also added a /LogFile string to your migration command, you can submit the log as well. Syntax is below.

/LogFile:String : [Required if NOT running on MDaemon Server] Log pathname (mirrors console logging to text file)
        ie. /LogFile:C:/Migration/ASMCLog.txt

Tyler Davis
MDaemon Technologies

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