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MDaemon Fail over

[Griffin, Ashley]
Ashley Griffin
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Ashley Griffin - 03:56am, Jan 7 2020


Does MDaemon have fail over built in? whereby i can install 2 on different servers in different locations and there be a connector that both can see each other, one a master the other a slave with the ability of taking over if the master vanishes / goes offline?

I understand there would be IP / DNS concerns but it still needs the fail over system inside it, if there isnt, is this something in planning? (to a mirrored fail over installed version that are both synced)?

Ive had a few clients ask me for this feature.

Many Thanks

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Tyler Davis - Jan 15, 2020 4:59 pm (#1 Total: 3)  

Alt-N Technical Support  

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Tyler Davis
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Outlook Connector
A feature request exists to include this natively in a future version of MDaemon. Unfortunately, the current version does not support any type of clustering or built-in failover features.

However, our development team has created a white paper on creating a failover for MDaemon. See the link below to review the literature.


Tyler Davis
MDaemon Technologies

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Stephan Stephan - Jan 18, 2020 1:12 am (#2 Total: 3)  


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Stephan Stephan
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Ashley, I too am interested in something like this and the solution offered by Tyler is way over my head, Im just a small business owner with computers in various cities.

What I am doing is maintaining mdaemon installations in two locations, and syncronising the actual mail files i.e. messages etc, between the two locations using robocopy. Once the initial transfer of mail data is done (which can take a long time if you're doing it over the internet)I run a robocopy command that runs every xx minutes or xx changes.

It runs very quickly and so I always have identical sets of data at the two locations.

If something happens to the mater server, then I can manually turn on the secondary server. I use a dns service so I can change the ip of the server that is operational there and it is reflected on all of the clients without user intervention.

Granted this is not an automatic solution and it does require some babysitting to make sure the robocopy command is always running but all in all it worked for me in a real life situation I had quite recently when my main server had a hardware failure.

Regards, Steohan

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  • Edmund Cramp (Jan 18, 2020 3:08 pm)

  • Edmund Cramp - Jan 18, 2020 3:08 pm (#3 Total: 3)  


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    Edmund Cramp
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    Outlook Connector
    Replying to: Stephan Stephan (Jan 18, 2020 1:12 am)
    Ashley, I too am interested in something like this and the solution offered by Tyler is way over my head,...

    I've been running an Mdaemon server for over 20 years now and the only issues I've ever had have been with the the hardware and the internet connection - the software is extremely reliable, any issues that ever appear are always fixed very quickly.
    I'd suggest running a single server and spending the money on a decent backup configuration (I have three) plus a reliable internet connection and hardware location.
    It would be a lot less effort than running two servers.
    If anything did happen to your one Mdaemon server, then a decent backup will get a new system configured and up and running in about 4 hours (I had a RAID disk malfunction a few years ago that requires a complete rebuild).

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