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Mdeamon transfer to new Server

[Karpas, Andrius]
Andrius Karpas
Posts: 28
Andrius Karpas - 03:07am, Aug 16 2018

Hello it's me again
This time i want to discuss about mdeamon transfer to new server. I got to read papers i know i have to take away service i have deactivate mdeamon along with security and then to copy entire Mdeamon structure to new server to the identical location. My problem is that following those steps the downtime of the mail server will be too long as we gave around 300Gb on user folder.
Is where a way to speed it up, let say what if i copy all to new server without stopping service and deactivating software, so that i have copy on new server and those deactivations and reactivations will take a couple of min, or its not going to work and i have to proceed the proper recommended steps.
Your help is much appreciated.

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Andrius Karpas - Aug 16, 2018 8:27 am (#5 Total: 6)  


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Andrius Karpas
Posts: 28
Great i have those as well but i was thinking about to automate the process
Thanks again. You are great.

Dave Warren (apparently) - Aug 21, 2018 9:45 pm (#6 Total: 6)  

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Dave Warren
Posts: 110
A couple (belated) notes. /Z has a huge performance impact, and MDaemon
likely has no files big enough to matter. Re-copying a 50MB file isn't a
big deal, resuming is more useful for files in the GB range.

/FFT is an interesting one. It shouldn't be needed, but if it is needed
then you might have another problem: Your timestamps are changing enough
that MDaemon might notice and generate new POP3 UIDLs & IMAP UIDs, which
causes all messages to appear as unread and all other flags are lost.
The switch itself won't hurt, just that the problem it solves might have
other side effects as well.

If copying over a network, experiment with /MT as the overhead of small
files is considerable. /MT:4 is a good starting point, /MT:16 is better
if you have higher latency.

I'd suggest starting by adding "*.msg" for the first sync since MSG
files never change (they are only added, copied, moved or deleted),
whereas IMAP.MRK, MESSAGES.IDX and various other files files are written
constantly and will therefore need to be re-copied each time you re-run

Once the files are initially copied, run it again to catch up, then
remove the *.msg parameter to include all the other content.

When you are finally ready to do the changeover, shutdown MDaemon, run
robocopy yet again to bring things fully up to date and proceed.

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