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Requesting Technical Support

[Caruth, Arron]
Arron Caruth
Posts: 1722
Arron Caruth - 07:47am, Apr 3 2012


If you would like to request technical support via email from Alt-N Technologies please submit the support request form found at:


Alt-N also offers phone support and support agreements, for more information please check out or website at http://www.altn.com/Support/.


Alt-N Technologies

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Karthik Panc - Jun 4, 2015 8:30 am (#1 Total: 3)  


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Karthik Panc
Posts: 13
I created MSI Proxy Image from my MDaemon server. When I installed the MSI image in my 32 bit workstation, I am able to use all MDaemon API's with no issues.

If I run the same image in my 64 bit workstation image shows successfully installed.

But when I make any API call I get the following error.

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {3B2E5102-1946-4C4A-B4DD-6BE71BC06861} failed due to the following error: 80070005

Could you someone help us how to avoid this error when I call the API from 64 bit workstations with no issues.


Joseph Allison - Apr 3, 2017 4:50 pm (#2 Total: 3)  


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Joseph Allison
Posts: 3
MDaemon 13.5 has stopped receiving/sending mail from clients. It will send via World Client, but most mail is not getting in. Multi-pop email always is received at Mdeamon and some SMTP (on port 587) gets in but is eventually rejected ruing processing. Wondering if it's a port problem. Did a NMAP scan
check of ports from off-premise and got the following:

PORT STATE SERVICE25/tcp filtered smtp26/tcp open rsftp53/tcp filtered domain110/tcp open pop3143/tcp open imap366/tcp open odmr389/tcp filtered ldap465/tcp filtered smtps587/tcp filtered submission993/tcp filtered imaps995/tcp filtered pop3s2010/tcp filtered search3000/tcp open ppp4069/tcp filtered unknown

This began without any advance problems.

Email can be sent via World Client from any/all users, bt no email comes in. We have always used a smart host to receive mail if the server is down and it keeps trying to connect and deliver it. But now is hundreds of emails waiting, they dan't be delivered to Mdaemon.

Thanks for any suggestions


Piloo Patel - Sep 23, 2018 5:56 pm (#3 Total: 3)  


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Piloo Patel
Posts: 1
Export a list of all external domain recepients:

Is there a way of extracting/ exporting a list of all email addresses of all sent/recd external domains?

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